Generally, we cover 2-3 lessons per book per week, or about 100-150 new words per week. However, the pace of the class will be determined by the comfort level of the class. We try to place students together that work at approximately the same speed.
Classes at Globe Mandarin concentrate on conversation. We also have workbooks and students have daily homework.
After receiving and reviewing your application, Globe Mandarin will contact you with payment options and additional details. All payments for intensive courses and accommodation are due at least 4 weeks prior to your arrival at Globe Mandarin. This is to ensure all details involving your arrival and accommodation can be finalized. Any reservations for courses or accommodation are only finalized once Globe receives payment. It is recommended that tuition and fees are paid as soon as possible to ensure availability of both your course and accommodation selections.
Taiwan has recently become more relaxed with Visa procedures. The availability of the landing visa has made Taiwan an excellent choice over China for learning the Mandarin language. Most countries are granted at least 30 days (some as much as 90 days). Many of our students can come to Taiwan from abroad without having to apply for a visa at their local embassy.
We accept new students on an on-going basis, with new classes starting every Monday. For all programs, Globe typically requires at least 4 weeks prior to beginning a program to prepare class space and accommodation. Additionally, we suggest that you apply as early as possible as some courses are offered on a first-come, first-serve basis.
This is a question we are often asked. Yes, as most of our students come from western countries we adapt and use the English method to explain grammar rules etc. Whereas the main language will be Chinese during class time the teacher will be able to understand your English questions and explain the answer.
(1). To help the students who missed lessons to catch up with the group class. (2). To help students resolve personal pronunciation or grammar problems. (3). To help students prepare key sentences before they do the real-life task. (4). To talk with the students regarding topics that the student has interest or needs additional help.
We recommend that you review the website for the CDC, Center for Disease Control, or equivalent in your home country before arriving. Generally speaking, students should have updated Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Tetanus and Typhoid vaccinations.
No, it is not required, but it is highly recommended. Please check with your current insurance (family plan) to see if it will cover you while overseas. If not, please purchase medical and accidental insurance before starting your program. Globe offers travel and accidental medical insurance to all intensive course students at no additional fee. Other program students may also purchase insurance through Globe Mandarin. Please ask for details.
No, unlike most language schools, Globe Mandarin does not charge a registration fee.
Globe currently accepts bank wire transfers, credit card payments through Paypal, and cash (in person) for all payments. Once your application has been reviewed, Globe will provide you with all the information you will need to successfully wire or submit payments. Once payment has been confirmed Globe will finalize your reservation and notify you. Please be aware that a 3% processing fee will be added to all credit card payments to cover Paypal fees.
You can bring cash or travellers cheques with you that can easily exchange at any bank.. There are also many ATM machines readily available throughout the city. Most ATM’s accept international credit and debit cards.
We recommend that you pack light. Nearly everything available in your home country will also be available in Taipei. Clothing and general supplies are easy to find and often inexpensive.The voltage in Taiwan is 110V, so you may need to check your electronic devices for compatibility.
If you are coming into Taipei, most likely you are flying into Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport (TPE), Taoyuan airport is not strictly in Taipei, it is around 45 minutes south of Taipei, in Taoyuan county.

Taoyuan airport has 2 terminals, with similar services (Taxi, Bus, etc) from both terminals.

There is a regional airport, SongShan (TSA), which is in Taipei city.  However, it mostly services local domestic destinations and cities in China or Japan.

We can arrange pick up from the airport that will take you directly to the school.

Alternatively, there are many Airport buses that take you to the Taipei main station, with drop off points along the route at major hotels and MRT (metro) stations.

Globe Mandarin is located at 6th Floor, No.191, Section 3, Roosevelt Road, Taipei.  SEE MAP.