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  • "Dear Globe Mandarin, I just wanted to drop you a mail to say thank you for my 10 weeks Mandarin course. While I still have a long way to go, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your teaching style and methodology. My teacher was always on time, always prepared for the class, (having made notes on my weaknesses) and infinitely patient. I thoroughly enjoyed learning with your team and very happy to recommend you to anyone."

    Nonnita Hargreaves, UK
  • "My son Michael started his Mandarin class with GlobeMandarin since December 2013. His teacher is very helpful, professional and approachable. The lessons are well planned and I've seen the improvement in my son's Mandarin. He can communicate with me and his grandparents in Mandarin now. We are planning to continue the lessons. If anyone would like to learn Mandarin, I will highly recommend Globe Mandarin. Thank you Globe Mandarin."

    Mrs. Deanna Farrow, USA
  • "Globe Mandarin offers a flexible and good way to learn Mandarin. The classes are fun and engaging, and the instructor makes me feel comfortable and at ease. Because of their flexibility I have been able to take classes at the most convenient times and progress at my own pace. I highly recommend Globe Mandarin."

    Enrique Medina, Spain
  • Not long after I began my new job as a Business Development Manager for an international interior design firm, I realised that even as a local Chinese Singaporean, I did not know much of my industry’s business terminology in Mandarin. This limited me in representing myself and my company professionally to our growing base of mainland Chinese clients coming into the Singapore market. I wanted to improve my ability to connect and communicate with clients and colleagues in Mandarin, but could not commit the time to attend an extended evening or weekend course conducted in a formal classroom or group setting. As I searched for Business Chinese course providers available in the market, I wanted a flexible and personalised programme that could focus on sales and marketing conversations in Mandarin that was directly relevant to my company’s services and industry. When I found Globe Mandarin online, they promptly responded to my query, and even met with me beforehand to discuss my requirements and show me sample course material that she had prepared which was tailored to my concerns. The one-on-one format of 2-hour weekly lessons, at a time and venue of my preference, further made Globe Mandarin the right choice. I was then matched with my teacher, who has been very warm, encouraging and patient throughout our 15 lessons. Learning through role-playing, I have grown more confident and proficient in my conversational Mandarin. She has helped me formulate a glossary of frequently used phrases relevant to my job, which is immensely practical. I am very grateful for the boost in my business Mandarin ability and have been able to put what I have learned into immediate practice. I highly recommend Globe Mandarin to other busy professionals looking to improve their Mandarin."

    Christine Ho, Singapore
  • "To be honest, it wasn’t me that picked Globe Mandarin, it was my father who did and now I realize that I am happy that he did. Private lessons with my tutor, truly were fun times as equally as they were educating. She had a knack for making Chinese more than just a language that I was learning but more a language that I was comfortable with. Every lesson boosted my confidence in the language and her patience with my frankly slow learning inspired to me to strive to see Mandarin outside the class, soon I was hearing and comprehending small tidbits of conversations while I was out shopping or watching television. Even with my near 3 year of experience with Mandarin I have never felt such a difference and this was just 3 weeks! In the end I feel that Globe Mandarin’s tutors provide a great way to learn a language, or maybe as in my case some more."

    Kent Suzuki, Japan
  • "My son Daniel is doing well with his trainer. She is a joy to work with. She is very prompt and very diligent with the lessons. Daniel likes her. Actually, we all do. She is always pleasant and lively. We hope to continue Daniel's lessons after the first module.

    Maureen Miclat, Phillipines
  • "Dear Globe Mandarin, Thank you! I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with my trainer. I especially appreciated her vibrant personality and highly interactive way of teaching!

    Hong Anh Nguyen, Switzerland
  • "Hi GlobeMandarin, I find the lessons with my trainer very educational and entertaining. I also appreciate the flexibility in the schedule.

    Jonas Lindbom, Sweden
  • "The lessons have been excellent, mostly down to the way my trainer is teaching me. For the first 7 or 8 lessons I was really struggling to remember stuff but last week suddenly the 'light bulb' above my head came on and for whatever reason I am retaining information now. I still have a long way to go but to be truthful I get so excited each week to be learning more stuff!  And I like the way Globe Mandarin teach so much I was very happy to recommend you to a colleague of mine who wants the same thing.

    Martyn Briggs, England
  • "It's been a pleasure to choose Globe Mandarin to learn Chinese for the last 6 months. The teacher’s professionalism, work ethic and easy-to-follow teaching method have helped me to grasped various words quickly. In short I would say it's been fantastic experience and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Globe Mandarin to anyone who's interested learning Chinese."

    Vicky Lono, Australia
  • "I have been studying Mandarin with Globe Mandarin for about 3 months now and have to say that they not only exceptional teachers but also great trainers who really cares about student's progress. Knowing Mandarin is one thing, but knowing how to teach it is another. Globe Mandarin uses very creative and practical approaches to teaching which has increased my confidence in my ability to learn this very difficult language. The approach is comprehensive including not only speaking but also reading and writing of characters. GM also incorporates the history of the language and ties it in with the overall culture which makes learning the language all the more interesting. The other thing I like about GL teacher is the teaching style is that it is flexible and adaptable to the needs of the student. I highly recommend Globe Mandarin and their teaching methods to anyone who are interested in learning Mandarin. "

    Philip Akers, USA