Online Learning

Whereas in-classroom teaching is characterized by limitless interaction between a physically present student and teacher, our online class acknowledges the fact that student and teacher are physically apart. We see this as a great opportunity to tighten the curriculum and focus the teaching approach. Very similar to our one and one private tutoring, you practice at a pace you are comfortable with and get questions answered immediately through our state of the art E learning system. Classes can be arranged for whatever time suits you, wherever you are in the world, irrespective of time difference. With our E learning system there is no download or login required, all of the teaching is web based, so you can learn anywhere and / on any device.

Using the school’s award winning course, you can follow a recognized learning centre’s materials online, furthermore if you are past student of Globe Mandarin, you can continue your studies online (with the same teacher) from where you left off. Likewise, many online students eventually make it to Taiwan for a study holiday and can pick up the course at the school from where they left off in their online Chinese class. Courses are offered in simplified or traditional method. If you are a beginner we strongly recommend you begin with traditional Chinese method as it is much easier to recognize the simplified characters at a later stage as your online Mandarin class Progresses.


Flexible schedule to suit you, each online tutoring lesson lasts for 2 hours (excl. 10 min break)